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ALTRU Chair is what it is meant to be, honest and simple. I wanted to go back to the classic language of Japanese traditional craftsmanship wiliest being a representation of modernity and function of minimalist selflessness. ALTRU's language emphasizes first being a seat with no metal parts entirely pressure fastened joints along with a extra lap support undercarriage to survive decades of usage. Embracing the pure nature of the wood I highlighted continuity and ubiquity within the chairs profile. Accentuating a honest symmetry and rhythm from the minimal arch formed within the chair legs. While the construction maintains japanese mortise tenon wedge joints within the seat from the legs, showing the wedges as a homage to the craftsmanship from decades ago, it stays true to purpose. Maintaining its rigidity , the language within the seat reflects a more organic pure nature to the essence of the wood. While the size was important, I went went to great lengths to allow the ALTRU chair's ergonomic flexibility to not diminish the spacial situations or the lack of appropriate space for seating environments in japanese homes.


Space is highly valuable within the average japanese home, ergo I believed it was important to have a chair where excess is cut away , yet enough remains to keep uniformity apparent. When feeling the lines that ALTRU invokes, one is able to capture through the design that there are no hard edges that might suggest masculinity. The chair through its form translates a more feminine impression while still being strong. It is obvious however it was designed with women in mind , hence its considerably light and movable as to not burden its purpose. Materials: legs, seat, and back support are made from a Raw Hard Oak indigenous to Miyajima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture. Mortise Wedges are made from Dark Walnut

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