FUTURE  worked with Kissa Shima on Miyajima Island to re-energize their very unique honey lemon cake that is widely known on Miyajima. Because Kissa Shima has a very rich history on Miyajima we felt it was important to bring back the history of the old kisaten ”しま” mark that was build into their old shop signage from over 65 years ago. Through referencing the history of the past and pushing their lemon cake forward in a modern simple way we could marry the story and spirit of their kisaten. Secondly. because they are the only maker of lemon cakes in a a sea of japanese maple shaped castella cakes (momiji manju)  on Miyajima Island  it was important for us to make sure we embodied not only the delicate nature of the cakes themselves, but the pride of their quality construction, and low volume they make fresh and package constantly for japanese and foreign visitors alike.  


AD :  レマーベンジャミン FUTURE ⌘

D :  レマーベンジャミン FUTURE ⌘

CL :  喫茶しま