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Creative Director | Art Director | Designer

Born in Montreal, Canada 1981. Graduated in Design from Ontario College of Art & Design University in Toronto. Handpicked to partner with University of Toronto ROTMAN MBA DESIGNWORKS Practicum. Moved to Japan 2009. 

Despite the challenges and odds for success in Japan and after almost several years of trial and error he became tired of the working to live and made a decision to risk it all. In this highly competitive fresh fruit marketplace of sprouting design studios and agencies popping up allover the world, he officially made the jump and opened his boutique studio office FUTURE ⌘ in 2016.  At this exact moment, Benjamin has begun to start gaining speed and make his mark. With the culture of Japan changing constantly and more and more foreigner culture settling into Japan his understanding of japanese culture and western culture has given him a unique approach to marrying both design sensibilities into his projects with clients. 

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