We happily helped Rokaku Sabo Temple Cafe to create a festival print for their first of many festivals connecting local artists, musicians, and craftsman together. The concept of the print volume was to marry some japanese and foreign visual cues together so they could entertain travelers and customers that were from near to far. 

Because the cafe was connected to the Daisho-In Temple on Miyajima Island it was imperative to allow the design to resonate with all different kinds of people from many different walks of life. Which can be seen through the pairing of strong text next to simple minimalistic image. Still keeping the vermillion colour to emphasize and connect the temple-esque qualties that resonate with many different people discovering the cafe for the firs time, and for returning customers who recognize it's association to the temple. 

AD :  レマーベンジャミン FUTURE ⌘

D :  レマーベンジャミン FUTURE ⌘

CL :  六角茶房